Ranger Manufacturing has been proud to be the machine shop of choice for clients in and around the Gainesville area. We offer a wide range of services for our clients and their projects, and one of them is metal forming, also known as bending. But what exactly does the term “metal forming” mean?

Don’t worry, you won’t need a degree in mechanical engineering to understand this definition. Simply put, metal forming is a process in metalworking where parts and objects are fashioned by deforming a large piece of metal. No materials are added and removed, and the mass of the metal doesn’t change from beginning to end. For example, when metal stamping takes place, flat sheets of metal are changed using dies into particular shapes. The odds are good that within appliances in your home and components within your car, you’ve got items formed from metal.

Sometimes sheet metal is stretched thin and drawn into a shape, like a bar or a tube. With warm forming, metal is heated to a temperature where it becomes more flexible, yet there’s no risk of the metal fracturing. There are a wide variety of methods for forming and shaping metal, and the ideal method really depends on the size, difficulty, and kind of job that’s being done.

Not sure which method of metal forming is right for your project? Don’t worry! We offer a free project consultation, where you give us the details of your particular job, and we’ll go over which services and options are right for you. With hundreds of years of combined experience, you can be confident that we’ll provide the correct services at the right price, and with quality that’s unsurpassed by the competition.

For more information regarding our metal forming processes, or with questions about your project specifications, contact one of our team members today.